Want to build a Career as Real Estate Agent? Here are 5 reasons why…

Published September 17, 2020

Many people choose to build a career in real estate. For ambitious, hard-working professionals, a career in real estate can be very rewarding.

1. Set your own schedule: As a real Estate agent, you don’t have official working hours you have to abide by. If you have anything you need to attend to, you simply do not book meetings during that time and your calendar is free. While this does not mean in any way that you will be working less hours as a real estate agent, you definitely have power over your schedule as long as you are organized and keep good follow-up on your calendar.

2. This is not a desk job: Spending 8 hours daily behind a laptop is not at all what a real estate agent job entails. As a matter of fact, on average a real estate agent spends 70% of his/her time outside the office and 30% behind a desk. While behind a desk, a real estate agent typically checks his CRM, calls new leads, follows-up on current leads and prepares the legal documents needed for offers & closure of deals. The remaining 70% of time, a real estate agent is outside meeting clients – both sellers and buyers – and negotiating deals.

3. Social Networking is an essential part: If you like dealing with people, going out and making new acquaintances, this is the job for you. As a real estate agent, one of your key tasks is to advertise that you work in the field. Somehow, discussions about selling a house or renting an office find its way in every conversation you lead.

4. No limit to your income: A real estate agent is rewarded a % of the deal normally. As such, there is no limit as to how much money you can make in this job. The nice part of it is that every single deal is exciting. A small rent deal of $600 is joyful, even though not as joyful as a sale of $15M. Both deals (the rent of $600 and the sale of $15 M) are bound to happen in your career as real estate agent if you are persistent and follow the process of real estate brokerage.

5. There is always some action happening : As a real estate agent, your tasks are many: getting listings is essential, showings with potential buyers/tenants are crucial and definitely legal & administrative knowledge is a must. Negotiation skills though are the most important set of skills based on which a real estate agent is classified as strong, average or weak. You are rarely bored as a real estate agent. There is bound to be some action at any day of the week! This is definitely an exciting job.

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