Cedrus Bank

How it all Started?

Since its founding in 2015, Cedrus Bank has grown into a full-fledged financial
institution, catering to both individuals and corporations across Lebanon and the

Today, being one part of one of the fastest growing banking groups in Lebanon,
Cedrus Group, it offers clients a full suite of Commercial and Retail banking services,
online banking facilities, as well as a diverse range of financial credit facilities,
covering mortgages, cars loans, the creation and expansion of business ventures, as
well as personal loans.

The Search

It all started with a Sign!
On Dbayeh highway, the sign placed on the location attracted the purchase manager of
Cedrus Bank. The call was transferred to our agent Georges who understood the importance
of this location for the bank. The 1 st showing was handled to the purchase manager then to
the general manager and the CEO (Minister of economy and trade Mr. Raed Khoury) and
finally ended with a sales deal.

The Result

Today Cedrus Bank has one of its major prime location on Dbayeh Highway via the services
of JSK.

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