Sandwich w Noss

How it all Started?

Born in 2015, Sandwich w Noss was conceived with one simple goal: to bring back the authentic Lebanese flavor in an original snack experience.

It’s an experience we are sharing today in every shop with more to come in the near future, more neighborhoods to reach and more people to satisfy, because that’s what a true Lebanese snack is about: giving the people food from the heart with a great value for money.

The Search

Rony Bou Saab, the owner, always searches for a strategic location for Sandwish w Noss. This time he wanted to move to Kesrouane. As a JSK customer in Achrafieh, Rony submitted his request to our agent covering Achrafieh area that forwarded the request to our agent Carlos covering Kesrouane.

4 months of searching and negotiations, the location was found and the deal was done.

The Result

Nothing is impossible with JSK.

Today Sandwish w Noss have one of the best locations on Jounieh highway toward Jbeil.

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