Sleep Comfort

How it all started ?

Sleep Comfort is a leading company in the field of furniture and mattress manufacturing. It started its operations in Beirut in 1948 producing mattresses and expanded to include modern and classic furniture. In the competitive environment of furnishing, SC managed to introduce a contemporary line of lasting style and based their success on innovation, design supported by quality control and after sales service; making the usually ordinary task of buying furniture an extraordinary journey.

SC has long turned our family-run small-scale business into a structured company with divisions for manufacturing and sales. Sleep Comfort currently employs 500 qualified personnel (expertise in their respective fields including engineers, designers, technicians as well as commercials).

SC main headquarters are in Karantina and has many other branches in Hamra, Fiyadieh, Zahle, Tripoli, etc… Sleep Comfort are in continuous search of new locations to stay close to their clients across the country.

The Search

When SC contacted JSK for help to open a new branch, the main criteria was high visibility. They wanted a branch which is visible and close to their client base in Kesrouane. They spotted a nice location right on Jounieh Highway with JSK sign. JSK has prime exclusive locations to rent or sell across Kesrouane and Metn Highway with excellent visibility that would fit the requirement for key businesses.

The Ideal Location

JSK was able to seal an excellent deal for Sleep Comfort that met the key requirements of SC: the prime location, the exact size they were looking for and of course the right price & duration of their lease contract. We wish Sleep Comfort prosperity in their new location in Jounieh and hope to be by their side for their next expansion plan.

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