March 2021

How it all Started?

Tawfeer is a discount concept for Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) retail where the consumers find all their basic shopping needs at the cheapest price in the market.

The Search

Mr. Tarhini, Purchasing Manager of Tawfeer, contacted JSK looking to open the 20th branch of the supermarket. They needed obviously a prime location – ideally on a highway with lots of visibility and huge parking space. Their target was the Kesrouane area, so the request was directed to our team leader Carlos Zgheib handling large commercial rent in Kesrouane agency.

After continuous follow-up, we were able to find the perfect location of 1,200 m2 on Tabarja Highway. You cannot pass on Tabarja Highway and miss the optimal location of Tawfeer supermarket there.

The Result

Today Tawfeer has an excellent branch on Kfaryassine – Tabarja Highway.

Congratulations Tawfeer! We wish you success & prosperity

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