The vibe

How it all started?

We were approached by Mrs Nayla Saab – the founder of the vibe. Nayla was looking for a place in the heart of Beirut, with the right energy and natural light in which she can create the perfect atmosphere for The Vibe. She wanted nothing fancy. She wanted something real and easy to arrive to. She gave us the below beautiful summary that she shares now on her website:
“It all started with a little girl who wanted to save the world. She dreamed of creating a home for the underprivileged and pictured taking the children beggars off the streets. She tried to make everyone around her happy… she applied her ideal in every part of her childhood and into adult life… went from one job field to another, and from success to failure and back… she loved people and built a big network. Different types of people; All age groups, social, financial and educational backgrounds. She shared a mutual attraction with all kinds of people!
The one day, after facing health issues and going the alternative medicine way, she finally came to the realization that you cannot save the world… you can only save yourself! However she believed that you could only so that with a lot of support and guidance. And this is how The Vibe was born.”

The Search

Nayla was transferred within JSK to our agent Zeina. Zeina clearly understood that Nayla is in need of a place where she can create her own concept and hence she is not only unafraid of any work in the location she is looking at, on the other hand this is exactly what she is seeking. The location should be accessible as well and within a very reasonable budget. She had the perfect match in mind and yet ended up showing Nayla 3 options. Nayla originally wanted a location in Ras Beirut whereas Zeina thought Gemmayze would be a great fit for her!

The Ideal Location

The Vibe is now located in Gemmayze – Pasteur Street. The Vibe offers a holistic approach with many classes, private sessions and Ayurvedic Services. It may not be the typical business that would approach a real estate agent to find a location & yet we are extremely proud at JSK to have it on our client list. We obviously appreciate all our clients, yet in this case we were enthusiastic about the totally different business idea that it involves and the challenge it created for us to find its ideal location.

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