Younes Automotive

How it all Started?  

Younes Automotive is the sub dealer of Chevrolet, Cadillac and Isuzu Trucks in Lebanon.

Mr. Chadi Younes, the owner was trying to find a good location on his own for more than 3 months. It was very difficult to him to find that place and ended up calling his friend Georges Geha our senior agent at JSK.

The Search

JSK caters for anyone who wants to buy or sell via its 5 branches throughout Lebanon. Although Geha does not cover Kesrouane area, Mr. Younes was referred to our senior agent Carlos Zgheib covering Kesrouane area. Working together as a team Georges and Carlos were able to find Mr. Younes in no time the excellent prime location.

 The Result

Today Younes Automotive has one of best location on Jounieh – Ghazir Highway via the services of JSK.

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