September 2020

How it all Started?

Zoodmall is an Online Shopping App offering Lebanon millions of products from all over the world including products from Local Sellers! You can search, find and buy the products you need from clothes, dishes and toys to homeware and car accessories.

The Search

Mr. Bachir Abi Khalil, the owner of Zoodmall in Lebanon, was trying to find a bigger yet accessible location for their offices to be able to accommodate their growing team; the search started when he contacted JSK offices in July, his request was directed to our agent Rodrigue handling rent in Acharfieh area. Requirements included space, budget, and accessibility constraints that were not easy to meet.

After 3 months of continuous follow-up, we were able to find the perfect location for Zoodmall offices in Badaro – their preferred area since day 1.

The Result

Today Zoodmall has an excellent spacious office in Badaro that suits the company’s expansion plans.

Congratulations Zoodmall! We wish you success & prosperity

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