Mrs. Samar Hassan, General Manager JSK, featured on Women’s International Day

Published March 8, 2019
Mrs Samar Hassan, General Manager of JSK, was featured by her company on Women’s International day. Mrs Hassan come with a vast experience in multionational companies both in Lebanon and Europe followed by 10 years hands-on experience in the real estate brokerage field. She is a founding partner of JSK and she held the position of General Manager since 2017. A mother of two and a fierce beleiver on women’s role in the workplace as well as in society in general.
“Real Estate may be perceived as a tough field for women in general. In JSK, we pride ourselves that some of our consistent top performers are female agents. Our aim is to keep on finding balance in our recruitment strategy for female vs male, despite the obvious challenges. I am a strong beleiver that women tend to excel at multitasking and are in general good negotiators – a much needed quality for outstanding real estate agents.”
We stand in solidarity with all women who are trying to acheive work/life balance and try to impact positively their society.
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