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We cater for anyone who wants to buy sell or Rent.
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JSK caters to all property types

1. Residential

JSK specializes in Residential Brokerage; We are expert agents with in-depth knowledge of our areas and are willing to help you buy, sell or rent your residency - whether Apartments, Villas or Chalets!

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3. Land

JSK has a selection of lands across the different territories in Lebanon mainly in Mount Lebanon.

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Our agencies locations
Amchit Agency

Amchit Main Road
Jade Zoghaib Bldg., GF

Jbeil, Mount Lebanon

Zouk Agency

Zouk Mikael Main Street
Bejjani Center – GF

Zouk Mikael, Mount Lebanon

Dbayeh Agency

Le Mall, L7
Beirut-Jbeil highway

Dbayeh, Mount Lebanon

Hazmieh Agency

Mar Roukoz Street
facing Elysee school
Najib Hatem bldg, GF

Hazmieh, Baabda

Achrafieh Agency

Gouraud street
Zoghbi bldg, GF

Achrafieh, Beirut