Are you in need of professional help to manage the common areas of your building with your fellow co-owners?

The Property Management department services help co-owners efficiently manage their operating expenses & maintain/enhance property value.

Our aim is to encourage high-level of tenant retention/ co-owners satisfaction throughout the life of property.

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JSK Real Estate provides you expertise in:
  • 1- Preparing Yearly common-parts service budget
  • 2- Handling accounting of common-parts
  • 3- Collecting service charges from co-owners
  • 4- Preparing general assembly meeting
  • 5- Preparing committee meeting
  • 6- Establishing a list of equipment to be maintained (with label & barcode)
  • 7- Delegating one project manager to be prime contact person for client
  • 8- Conducting periodical preventive Inspection visits
  • 9- Reporting on quarterly basis the actions made & supervised
  • 10- Providing legal advice for co-owners

And in case you want to rent your property,
JSK Real Estate provides you help in:

  • Renting/Leasing your property via its "Brokerage" department
  • Collecting rent from tenants
  • Handling administrative activities on your behalf (Municipality fees, water, electricity, etc...)
  • Providing Maintenance of your property