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Did You Know That Our CEO is MRICS?

Our CEO, Jade Zoghaib is a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - MRICS.

RICS stands for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and it is considered the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property & construction.

What our customers think

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"It was a real pleasure working with you, Carlos is a really great agent, dedicated to the end of the deal.

I used to contact him, late at night to accomplish the deal, since Mr. Gebran, the CEO of Akkary group was traveling, and he reply with a high level of understanding, and cooperation!

Thank you for being part of our team, to find out exactly what we are looking for!"

Mrs. Victoria Bitar, March 2023
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"Am really satisfied with JSK services so far. Samar Issa is highly skilled and professional, she goes beyond to satisfy her clients and this is evident by the results!

Thank you"

Mr. Mosab Alkubaisy, February 2023
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"Many thanks for your email and special thanks to Carlos for helping solve all the small issues in the contract."

Mr. Malik Baraket, Owner of Maliks Bookshop, May 2023
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"Thank you very much my Dear for the close follow-up and the quality of services you already provided.

With such a team like Elio and Mac, I can't be more than happy and fully satisfied."

Mr. Ziad Nacouzi, May 2023
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"All the respect and appreciation to JSK and in particular to Ms. Fahed who is very cooperative and devoted.
Best regards to all JSK administration and staff."

Mr. Milad Saliba, May 2023
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"Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rami for his great support and help during the whole process."

Mr. Mazen Hamad, February 2023

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JSK Real Estate
JSK Real Estate Caters to all Property Types Find out more

JSK specializes in Residential Brokerage; We are expert agents with in-depth knowledge of our areas and are willing to help you buy, sell or rent your residency - whether Apartments, Villas or Chalets!


JSK has a track record of deals on the commercial side whether offices, shops or warehouses; Our esteemed clients include BLOM, JoueClub, Sandwich w noss, Sleep Comfort and many others. Please contact us if you are looking to start or expand your business. We can help you find the perfect location at the best terms


JSK has a selection of lands across the different territories in Lebanon mainly in Mount Lebanon.

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In this article, we are exploring the rent prices of apartments in Achrafieh - both furnished and unfurnished apartments. We have interviewed 4 agents in JSK Real Estate with a focus on Achrafieh and probed them in details about the residential real estate rental market.Demand in Achrafieh is highAs per Zeina, team leader of Achrafieh at JSK Real Estate, demand for residential...

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