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Did You Know That Our CEO is MRICS?

Our CEO, Jade Zoghaib is a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - MRICS.

RICS stands for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and it is considered the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property & construction.

What our customers think

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"I appreciate all your help in selling my warehouse. Your professionalism and market strategies, and negotiation skills contribute to achieving our goals and deal. Special thanks to Mr. Rodrigue Saab I appreciate Thank your patience, help, and consideration."

Ms. Tania Hajj, July 2023
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"A big thank you to Mr. Georges Geha!!! Very professional and reliable person..."

Ms. Christelle Yaghi, June 2023
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"It has been a very good experience working with you. We have other plans to pursue this collaboration, especially in the presence of Mr. Mac El Haddad who showed great professionalism, commitment and above all trust."

Ms. Pamela Attieh, August 2023
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"Many thanks for your email and special thanks to Carlos for helping solve all the small issues in the contract."

Mr. Malik Baraket, Owner of Maliks Bookshop, May 2023
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"All the respect and appreciation to JSK and in particular to Ms. Fahed who is very cooperative and devoted.
Best regards to all JSK administration and staff."

Mr. Milad Saliba, May 2023
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"Mabrouk Rami for the signing of the deal, and thank you for everything you have done to make this deal possible."

Mrs. Aline Sultanem, June 2023

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JSK specializes in Residential Brokerage; We are expert agents with in-depth knowledge of our areas and are willing to help you buy, sell or rent your residency - whether Apartments, Villas or Chalets!


JSK has a track record of deals on the commercial side whether offices, shops or warehouses; Our esteemed clients include BLOM, JoueClub, Sandwich w noss, Sleep Comfort and many others. Please contact us if you are looking to start or expand your business. We can help you find the perfect location at the best terms


JSK has a selection of lands across the different territories in Lebanon mainly in Mount Lebanon.

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Valuation of a property in Lebanon

How much is my property worth? This is a question that we often hear in real estate world.Many of JSK Real Estate clients are interested in our "valuation services". In this short article, we shall explain the different services of valuation of a property that we provide.How can I estimate the value of property?You may contact JSK Real Estate and request a valuation of you...

Is Batroun Real Estate Really Booming in 2023?

Batroun is a vibrant city to the north of Beirut which has been on the map of tourism in the past few years. We cannot but notice the restaurants, beaches and nightlife competing to open and expand to Batroun. But what about real estate? Is real estate booming in Batroun in 2023?We have asked JSK Real Estate team leader in Batroun- Rami Assi the following questions:1. Let us be...

JSK never misses gathering the whole team for a monthly meeting

JSK never misses gathering the whole team for a monthly meeting, because spending a lot of time with challenging and inspiring people will change your life. The team was invited for a full day at CEO Jade Zoghaib's residence in Amchit, where President Jade Zoghaib discussed the current situation in Real Estate in Lebanon, the new vision of the company and the strategies to...

Welcome Summer gathering and Happy Birthday President !

JSK Team met and spent the night drinking, dancing, and singing in an atmosphere of fun and laughter at Bar du Port welcoming summer and celebrating the success of the first half of the year. During the gathering JSK Team celebrated the birthday of President Jade Zoghaib, wishing him many successful years ahead. The celebration went on for hours and hours.Cheers to JSK and its...