JSK celebrates Assumption day by Hiking in Wadi Annoubine followed by lunch at Ferdous Ehden

Published August 16, 2019

JSK decided to celebrate “Assumption Day” as a team in a healthy way by hiking in Wadi Annoubine. The hike took a total of 4 hours and the team visited the old churches nestled inside the rocks of the valley. Wadi Annoubine lies in the valley of Kadisha within Becharre & Zgharta districts. Annoubine’s history dates back to the 7th century. It has monasteries and sanctuaries spread all over the gorge, in the form of caves or churches. Since the early centuries of Christianity the Holy Valley has served as a refuge for those in search of solitude. Historians believe that the Kadisha Valley has had monastic communities continuously since the earliest years of Christianity.
The view you get to see from the valley is beyond imagination. Once there, you get the feeling of peace and tranquility. The spiritual atmosphere reigns over the entire valley.
A Colombian hermit lives in this holy valley.
The hike is considered of moderate difficulty hike and the team was up to the challenge and was very happy that every single participant reached the end line with a smile. The team then had a delicious lunch at Ferdous restaurant in Ehden; The traditional kebbe is a must after so many calories burned 🙂
“We have a stressful daily job and we like to disconnect every now and then and do healthy activities as a team. I believe in the old saying that healthy mind comes from healthy body. JSK continuously push its team into activities and outings that are healthy for body, mind and spirit. We are number one real estate company in Lebanon because we take care of ourselves and each other’s”, said Carlos Zgheib – team Leader Kesrouane. Carlos decided to join the hike with his wife and 2 kids.
JSK wish each and everyone of you a Blessed Assumption Day.

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