JSK spends a day in Le Sommet – Laklouk followed by lunch at Azawardi.

Published June 26, 2019

JSK team had a full day in Laklouk. Started by hiking to Le Sommet project to check the work progress so far on site.

President Jade Zoghaib held a small briefing shadowed by a tour around the project. The team was impressed by the vision of the project and its execution so far. They were able to walk the internal roads of the project and picture the different buildings that will arise around.
The team then had a delicious lunch at Azawardi, Laklouk with good food and drinks to cheer for their achievements so far during the year.

Such gatherings are a sure and continuous agenda items on JSK calendar. Team bonding and building is essential at JSK and it is done at its best in our beloved Laklouk – the land of the most amazing project “Le Sommet”.

JSK team ended the day with high energy, positivism and full power to prepare for the coming season.

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