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19th February 2024
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Kesrouane, the heartbeat of Mount Lebanon.
We get on daily basis clients looking to buy or rent in Kesrouane. in this article, we are exploring a few Bargain options that you can buy in Kesrouane.

Let's have a quick tour at five different options:

Option 1: Newly Renovated Furnished Apartment for Sale in New Shayle

Ref# L13953
Price: $90,000
Location: New Shayle
size: 110 m2
# of bedrooms: 2 bedrooms 
# of parking spots: 1

Option 2: Furnished Apartment in Jounieh for Sale with Easy Access to the Highway

Ref# L14368
Price: $75,000
Location: Jounieh
size: 80 m2
# of bedrooms: 2 bedrooms 
# of parking spots: 1

Option 3: Fully Decorated & Furnished Apartment for sale in Jounieh

Ref# L14175
Price: $225,000
Location: Jounieh
size: 200 m2
# of bedrooms: 3 bedrooms 
# of parking spots: 2 Underground parking

Option 4: High-End Renovated Furnished Apartment for Sale in Ain El Rihani

Ref# L14407
Price: $65,000
Location: Ain El Rihani
size: 70 m2
# of bedrooms: 2 bedrooms 
# of parking spots: 1 parking

Option 5: Apartment for Sale in a Calm Area in Ballouneh
Ref# L13582
Price: $120,000
Location: Ballouneh
size: 210 m2
# of bedrooms: 3 bedrooms 
# of parking spots: 1 parking

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