How Do You Know It Is “The One”?

1st December 2020
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We all ask one another “How do you know he or she is the one?” – when looking for a life-time partner. Well it’s kind of the same thing. How do you know this home is the one for you? After all the waiting, searching, longing and looking – have you finally found “the one”?

The home may be “the one” if:

  • You look at other houses, but are still thinking about this one.
  • You have told all your friends and family about this one.
  • You keep looking at the photos you took of the house.
  • You want to go back visit inside the house again.
  • Once you visit, you don’t want to leave easily. Your agent has to drag you out as you made him late for his next appointment.
  • If anyone comments negatively about the house, you feel defensive about it.
  • You’ve started thinking about furniture arrangements & colors of walls.
  • You imagine your friends and loved ones enjoying a cozy afternoon or a lazy morning in that house. You keep imagining how would the house smell with a freshly based cake in the morning?
  • It checks everything off the “needs” list; and if it does not, you keep on finding reasons how you can compensate for its shortcomings.
  • You have driven by it ten times since you’re showing that was…yesterday.

Love at first sight may be a rare thing – but it does happen. Don’t shy away from it. When you find the one, call your agent immediately and arrange for next steps.

Source: @vivaalaaluu

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