How To Prepare Your Home For Summer?

1st June 2018
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We enjoyed spring and now we are ready for summertime! We want to enjoy summer and not have any small problems. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the Hot days of summer:

1- Give your air-conditioner a check-up: Now is the time to make sure your air conditioning is in perfect working order and functioning properly. You may need to replace your air filters, clean any potential dirt on the unit from inside and outside and potentially add some gas as well. Maintenance for all ACs in your home is a good idea now.

2- Pest control: during summer, we tend to open our windows and spend a fair amount at night on our balconies, roof and gardens. This may mean that insects can invade your home. The easiest way is to have a yearly deal with a pest control company which comes several times during the year. You can bet they will call you to organize a pest control day late May or early June to prepare for your summer.

3- Reorganize your furniture outside and inside: Bring out your garden furniture. Change your cushions inside the house to be more colorful or to have a theme of summer. Give your BBQ a deep clean; BBQ stand should be proud and ready on your garden or balcony. A nice small mini-fridge mainly for cool drinks can be a nice addition for you, your family and your friends.

4- Touch up of fresh paint: You may change the paint of one small wall to sea blue or sunny yellow and change the mood and design of your home to be more summer-ish!

5- Lighten up your bedding: put away the heavy beddings. Bring out the nice colors and cotton linen and let your bedrooms reflect the summer mood.

Summer is about good times, late nights, drinks, outside gatherings and lots of popsicle, ice-creams and fresh cold drinks. It’s about hosting late-night barbecues after sunny days on the beach and discussing your upcoming family vacations. Summer can be summarized by laughs & Easy living. Let our homes reflect the same mood!

Let’s get summer-ready ?

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