Is Batroun Real Estate Really Booming in 2023?

14th August 2023
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Batroun is a vibrant city to the north of Beirut which has been on the map of tourism in the past few years. We cannot but notice the restaurants, beaches and nightlife competing to open and expand to Batroun. But what about real estate? Is real estate booming in Batroun in 2023?

We have asked JSK Real Estate team leader in Batroun- Rami Assi the following questions:

1. Let us begin by talking about rent - both commercial and residential. How do you describe rent prices and demand in Batroun in 2023?

Let me begin by residential rent. Definitely there is a big demand for seasonal residential rentals - say for 2 up to 6 months. Because price of short term rentals such as hotels, beach resorts and Airbnb have rocketed in past few years in Batroun, many families are seeking residential properties to rent for seasonal or even yearly periods slightly outside of souk and beachfront. Those properties are relatively better priced vs short term rents and indeed we have closed many rental deals as such.

My advice for tenants is to be quick in making a decision or else the property can be easily rented for another client. Another advice is to start the search no later than March or April to secure best deals.

As for commercial, most F&B business are requesting prime locations in souk as an example. Rent prices have rocketed indeed for commercial properties in prime locations in Batroun.

2. What about sale transactions in Batroun?

Most requests are for investors. People are looking to buy properties at good prices and renting those properties as short term rentals - mainly Airbnb. The properties demanded in Batroun are mainly for rental investments and we have closed many recent sales deals in Batroun as such.

3. How do you see the outlook for Batroun Real Estate?

Batroun is truly considered as a jewel on the Lebanese coast. Buying real estate in Batroun city or the bigger Batroun area is definitely a good investment and I highly recommend it. I have seen only an upward trend in prices of real estate in Batroun in the past few years.

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