JSK Incentive Trip 2019 To Marmaris Coincides With CEO Jade Zoghaib Birthday

9th July 2019
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“Travel, for money returns! Time don’t.” Like every year, JSK invites its top performers to an incentive trip to thank them for their hard work and further motivate them for the challenges of the future. This year, the destination was Marmaris where the team enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and spent unforgettable moments splashing in its refreshing sea.

“Every time we travel together, we spend amazing time and re-energize our batteries”, says Mac El Haddad, team leader Baabda. “This year however had an extra flavor; it coincided with our CEO birthday and we had the pleasure of celebrating the day with him in an unforgettable boat trip around the shores and beaches of Marmaris”.

“JSK was the first company i worked for. It is rare to remain in the first company you join; yet it is a company that excels in motivating its top performers and incentive trips have become a solid piece of our calendar. We have been so far on incentive trips to Paris, Rome, Dubai, Strasbourg and now Marmaris. And I was lucky enough not to miss any single incentive trip so far. One simply comes back so energized after those trips and ready for the future challenges with a bigger determination. We are already discussing our next destination”, added Zeina Kosseifi – Team leader Achrafieh.

“Any sales job is a stressful job with targets to be met. A real estate job is no different; if anything, a real estate agent job is even more stressful than any other sales job. We have to meet the targets in terms of activity and USD. Top management at JSK understands the importance of motivating its top performers and incentive trips are one way of doing so. As a matter of fact, our agenda is packed throughout the year with team building activities” says Carlos Zgheib, team leader Kesrouane.

Cheers to JSK and its amazing team! Cheers to beautiful moments, tasty food, bubbly drinks and lots of laughs and smiles. Cheers to success and many more incentive trips in the future!

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