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4th July 2019
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JSK chose Hilton Downtown Beirut to hold its team meeting on Wednesday July 3, 2019 where the promotion of 5 agents into team leaders was announced. The team meeting was followed by ceremony of champagne popping on the rooftop of Hilton with lots of laughs and smiles and cheers for further success in the future.

“We are so happy to promote from within” says Samar Hassan GM of JSK. “Those 5 have been pillars of JSK success so far. Due to their efforts, JSK is the leading real estate company in Lebanon”, adds Jade Zoghaib, CEO.

Below is a quick overview of our 5 team leaders.


Zeina is a graduate of “Bachelor of Marketing” from AUL – Kaslik.

Zeina joined JSK at a very young age immediately as an agent and was the youngest of JSK team for many years.

Her young age did not prevent her from being “agent of the year” twice throughout her career within JSK.

Zeina started in Jbeil area and contributed greatly to JSK success within Jbeil area and namely on the “Projects” side where she was considered as a pillar in business development i.e. bringing business mainly in the name of exclusive projects for the “Sales & Marketing” department.

In early 2018 and despite the fear of bad economy, Zeina had the courage to move to Beirut where she embarked on a new adventure of building the brokerage activity in Achrafieh area.

Due to her efforts, JSK is expanding into a 2nd bigger agency in carre’ d’or of Achrafieh.


Mac graduated with a BA in business computing from Lebanese French University (ULF).

Mac was probably the first person that joined JSK in 2010 as agent position covering Baabda area.

Mac contributed greatly to the growth and expansion of JSK within Baabda area via both “brokerage” as well as “projects” activities.

He introduced almost immediately a $40M project located into the exclusive sales and marketing department of JSK.

The success of YZone helped establish JSK as a market leader in “Sales & Marketing” department in its early years. Mac was definitely named “agent of year” as well. No matter what the conditions are, you can count on Mac to land his USD target.

He solely handled Baabda area for a long time and managed our agency there.


Carlos conducted his studies in “business administration” from Kaslik University.

Carlos comes from “insurance” background as he used to work with Alico.

He then moved as an agent with JSK in 2014 covering Kesrouane area.

Carlos is well known for his energy and positivism. You can always count on him to meet and exceed his activity target.

Carlos was named “agent of the year” twice throughout his career in JSK.

He is a pillar in JSK in the “shadow” program which we have introduced in 2019 as part of the company strategy to increase its agents’ fleet.


Geha graduated with computer science degree from EPSIL (Ecole polytechnique Superieur d’Informatique Libanaise)

Geha comes from an extensive and rich experience of 15 years in Saudi followed by 15 year in one of the biggest retail business in Australia.

Geha decided to reside back in his home country and met JSK as a client (JSK helped him rent his apartment where is still residing 7 years later).

Geha joined JSK in 2012 in Metn area where he focused on brokerage activity. He introduced key accounts into JSK such as Kallassi and “Dbayeh 529”. He established himself as key account manager and focused his expertise on big commercial transactions.

Geha was of course named “agent of year” as well in his career in JSK.


Samar has a Bachelor business administration from Arab Open University (AOU)

Samar started with JSK in 2010 as admin and then moved into an agent position covering Jbeil area.

Samar contributed greatly to the growth and expansion of JSK within Jbeil area via both “brokerage” as well as “projects” activities.

You can count of Samar for detailed training of agents both from system/CRM perspective as well as sales & negotiation techniques.

She tends to protect the agents under her wing and help them develop into their potential slowly but surely.

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