JSK Real Estate: Year-End Celebration 2022

15th February 2023
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And with that the 2022 business year has come to an end at our JSK Headquarters.
With 2023 starting off strong, our theme represents the heart and core of our company- Teamwork.

The team gathered together in our Sama Beirut HQ office to congratulate the hard work of every single member of our family and celebrate the 13th anniversary of JSK Real Estate.

Thus, we certainly have to thank and congratulate:

Our Agency of the Year: Jbeil Agency
Our Admin of the Year: Mary Saad
Our Agent of the Year: Zeina Kosseifi
Our promoted Sales Agent: Samer Zgheib
Our promoted Senior Sales Agent: Salam Issa El-Khoury

After that, we enjoyed a beautiful lunch at a beautiful Mexican Restaurant in the Heart of Mar Mkhayel.

And of course, just like any other gathering we have, it is never over without turning it into a party and dance our way through the day.

Wednesday February 15, 2023 reminded us that through love, communication, passion, determination, and teamwork, all hardships become easier and every problem turns into a successful journey of learning and growth because Together We Can.

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