JSK Snowshoeing Day At Faqra Followed By Lunch At Montagnou

15th March 2019
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JSK team is known for his team spirit and his love for outdoor activities in all season. In March, the company had their monthly outing to Faqra for a day of snowshoeing. “We were blessed with the most amazing weather ever and we spend almost 3 hours on a track of snowshoeing” – said Carlos Zgheib, Senior Agent at JSK.“

We are agent and by definition we love outdoor activities; it is important for us to change scenery and get out of day to day stressful work in order to recharge our batteries”.After the exercise, having a good lunch is a must! And where better than Montagnou where the team enjoyed traditional food and drinks.

Keep on having fun JSK & keep on closing deals J

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