JSK Team Celebration For A Super Successful 2020; Welcome 2021

27th March 2021
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On March 27, 2021, and after the many confinements related to Corona, JSK team met finally for their traditional year-end party to celebrate their success in 2020 and to welcome 2021 with high hopes. “2020 was an excellent year for JSK and the real estate market in general in Lebanon following the economic crisis. We want to capitalize on the momentum of 2020 and deliver strong results in 2021”, mentioned Samar Hassan, General Manager. “This team has proved to be a leader in the real estate market in Lebanon. Thanking them for their continuous efforts and celebrating their success is the minimum we can do”

And again, the most prestigious award “Agent of the year” – was awarded to Zeina Kosseifi, team leader Achrafieh. “I am very happy I was able to direct many of my clients to excellent listings to buy and save somewhat their money held in Lebanese banks” – says agent of the year Zeina Kosseifi.
“Admin of the year” was awarded to Rami Assi for his tremendous contributions. Admin is critical in any sales organization to ensure a healthy flow of business and to ensure that agents are focusing on dollar-producing activities.

The celebration went on for hours and hours with excellent seafood in a charming setting in a restaurant by the sea; As usual, JSK gatherings are filled with include drinks, music, singing, and dancing! We wish JSK all the best in 2021!

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