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20th December 2022
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On Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 JSK team had a full training day in Sama Beirut headquarters. President Jade Zoghaib held the training and he explained to the team what are the nine Belbin team roles.

What is Belbin training?

Dr Meredith Belbin's model for building successful teams – including leadership teams – is the result of years of research into the importance of understanding team dynamics. Dr Belbin believes that, by understanding your role within a team and playing to your strengths, you can increase your value to the team.

What are the Belbin Roles?

The Belbin team roles are descriptions of job duties that fall into three broad categories:

1-Thought-oriented roles

2-Action-oriented roles

3-People-oriented roles

The Belbin model suggests that a team that has members with similar styles of workplace behaviors and tendencies can become unbalanced

How to put the training into practical use?

President briefed the team as well on how can team roles improve performance in the real estate workplace and how team leaders and managers can use Belbin’s model to create balanced teams with a complementary mix of personalities and skills to fulfil the different roles.

After the briefing, all the teams within JSK completed the Belbin Self-Perception test; results were analyzed for each agency to check the gap and action plan was put in place to adjust accordingly.


JSK team ended the day with a delicious lunch with good food and drinks. Discussions on how to improve the efficiency of JSK teams carried informally during lunch and afterwards.

One thing for sure, JSK values team work. And we aim continuously at improving the efficiency of our teams hoping to result in better customer experience for our clients – whether sellers or buyers.

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