JSK Year-End Gathering

29th February 2024
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JSK Year End Gathering

On the special day of 29.2.2024, JSK team gathered at Smallville Hotel for our gala gathering to celebrate the success of 2023. Our year-end gathering marked the promotion of 3 of our dedicated agents. We celebrated as well the 2 prestigious awards: 
“Admin of the year” - Won by Soha, our amazing call center lady.
“Agent of the year” - Won by Zeina, our inspiring team leader.
Both winners are now eligible for our signature incentive trip and we are all looking forward to knowing the destination of the trip this year.

President Jade Zoghaib gave an inspiring speech on his vision of JSK going forward. The move to Generali building at “Place de L’etoile” is now official. New agents were greeted at the gala. Our family is growing year after year steadily and surely.

We danced till the late hours of the night celebrating 2023 and looking forward to an exciting 2024 which will surely present its own challenges.

We are here to stay! This is 14 years of JSK Real Estate now and counting…

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