Last Team Meeting of 2023

19th December 2023
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December 19, was the last team meeting of 2023. The meeting took place at CEO Mr. Jade Zoghaib's residence in Amchit.
As usual, we never failed to arrive earlier, not to miss the morning coffee and lovely chats with the CEO and GM Mrs. Samar Hassan.

CEO Mr. Jade Zoghaib reflected back on 2023 performance and our major achievements. We discussed the high-level strategies of 2024 and the changes that we need to make in JSK to keep competing in a changing environment and a growing team.

Maintaining the leading position of JSK in the industry of real estate brokerage in Lebanon is a must for us! We need to be always ready to change and evolve in a changing environment. That is the only way to succeed!

The meeting was followed by a lunch with good food and drinks.

We are looking forward to 2024 and we are confident that we will do what it takes to keep winning💪🏻

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