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17th May 2023
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There’s a lot JSK Real Estate can do in one day or even just one well-planned morning. Team-building hiking trips are an excellent way to improve leadership skills, trust, and communication within the team. All of these skills can be translated into our everyday working environment, as well as help the team achieve the goals of each specific trip.

Why hiking is our way to celebrate "Real Estate Day"?

What’s hiking got to do with leadership, problem-solving, and other workplace-marketable skills? More than one can imagine. For most of us, interacting with a completely natural environment is a relatively uncommon experience and, while it does not require any specific training to be enjoyed, it certainly puts any newbies in an automatic “learning mode”. There is an element of physical challenge to it (which can be modulated to make sure everyone can safely enjoy the experience), and the whole experience is designed to help team members communicate with each other and develop trust.

Our hiking trip started with a coffee break in  Amchit at our  CEO Mr. Jade Zoghaib's residence, the team then headed to Habil village in  Jbeil and started off the 2-hour hiking track, then moved to "Pine Villas" project in Beit Hebbak where President Jade Zoghaib held a small briefing shadowed by a tour around the amazing project that overlooks a breathtaking open view. A delicious lunch was held later for the whole team at  CEO's residence in Amchit.

Team-building hiking trips are an excellent way to boost the confidence of our team members, as well as encourage empathy in those who are natural leaders and include new members in the family spirit of JSK Real Estate.

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