Should Real Estate Agents Install “For Sale” & “ For Rent” Signs?

1st July 2018
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If the 51% of Buyers are finding their properties online, should a real estate agent bother to install a “for Sale” or “for Rent” sign on a listing.
Online search is becoming more and more popular in real estate search and buyers/tenants find it easier and less time consuming to begin their search online. Having said the above, “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs are still a must and owners should insist that their real estate agent bothers to install a sign.

1- Neighborhood: It is a very effective way to announce to the neighborhood that the property is now available For Sale & For Rent and people exposed to this that may be interested are very willing to take up their phone and call the # to inquire about this property

2- A sign lacks price info: Unlike online marketing, a sign does not announce the price of the listing – which incentivizes people to call and get info. Calls are great for a real estate agent as they are normally very good interpersonal skills and can use the call to best understand the exact request of caller and try to match it with the listing in question. In a nutshell, a call allows for discussion which is way better than a unilateral decision by the online seeker of whether or not to check the listing based on the photos and other info he can see online.

3- Showings: The potential buyer/tenant knows the listing exact location from the sign and hence it is easier and usually way faster to schedule a showing if initial info are in favor of his/her request.

Signs are an old trick and yet still an effective one!

Let’s install a sign ?

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