Small Apartments Are The Trend Now!

1st March 2018
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The trend is now to buy a small apartment! 2-bedroom apartments rather than 3-bedroom apartments are in demand nowadays. One reception space is requested by buyers rather than “Family Room” and an additional “Official Reception”.
With above being said, how can we give the illusion of a bigger space for our smaller apartments?

1- Lighting: Choose small apartments with as much as possible natural light flowing into its different rooms. Add light to illuminate spaces such as kitchens cabinets, track ceiling lights, floor lamps etc..

2- Mirrors: Mirrors are widely used to create the illusion of bigger space.

3- Color your walls: contrast coloring of walls can give the impression of a bigger room

4- Furniture: Get rid of your bulky furniture: choose confortable, trendy and neutral-colored furniture. You may add one splash of color on one piece of furniture to add a focal point to your living area and add space visually

Small apartments have many advantages, are easy to resell and are on the trend now. We just need to decorate our apartments in light of their size!

Let’s decorate ?

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