Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate is a good Investment in Lebanon in 2023

10th May 2023
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Real Estate has always been a safe and sound investment.

This article will explore why it is a really good idea to invest in Lebanon nowadays. 5 Reasons why Real Estate is a good investment in Lebanon nowadays:

1. Worldwide inflation

We are all aware of the worldwide inflation rocketing in the past year with no clear vision in the near future on how to contain it. What does this mean? in times of high-inflation, do not save! Spend or invest. The purchasing power of your dollars is decreasing as inflation is rocketing and hence it is only wise you spend the money today (as it will buy you more goods & services vs. tomorrow) or invest. You may invest in Real Estate or stocks or any other form of investment. I will argue in the next few bullet points that real estate is a great investment for your money - especially in Lebanon as prices are very favorable at the moment.

2. Banks health in USA & Europe

So basically due to inflation, saving is not advised at the moment. Let me add that banks' health situation in USA and Europe is not at its best at the moment. As Lebanese, we understand very well how important the bank health situation is. We have been there only recently when Lebanese banks stopped paying depositors their deposits. It is not very difficult for Lebanese to understand and reconnect with fears of having a deposit at a bank and being unable to retrieve that deposit.

3. Real Estate Prices in Lebanon are favorable

As we all know, following the recent collapse of economy in Lebanon - in its turn, real estate prices have adjusted. While we are unable to buy anymore real estate by using checks, the prices of real estate in Lebanon in real cash or fresh $ have decreased by almost 40% to 50% compared to prior to 2009 crisis. Mind you, we are seeing that prices of real estate have increased vs. late last year and continues to expect to increase. The best time to buy real estate in Lebanon is today - only because yesterday is behind us. Month after month, sellers are adjusting their prices upwards. You want to buy real estate in Lebanon, do it today!

4. Rentals are in fresh $

Rental prices have shifted completely to USD cash or fresh. Not only that, the rent average is getting closer and closer to the average of prior to crisis. Rental prices are adjusting quickly and only with an upward projection. What does that mean? it means your ROI on your real estate investment in Lebanon is improve and will continue to improve.

5. Safe investment

At the end of the day, there are many forms of investment. Some invest in stocks and others in gold and metal. What is sure is that diversification is recommended. There is no safer investment that real estate and it has proven to be a wise investment in Lebanon so far despite all the recent crisis we've been through.

Don't try to come in a few months and buy real estate with today's prices. Real Estate prices in Lebanon are going up. This is a fact. You want to invest in Real Estate in Lebanon, there is no better time than today! and no better company than JSK Real Estate to guide you to the best deals across Lebanon.

Samar Hassan
General Manager
JSK Real Estate



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