What are the top 5 qualities of a successful real estate agent?

29th November 2023
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JSK Real Estate is the leading real estate brokerage company in Lebanon. We are continuously recruiting new agents across Lebanon. We look for self-motivated hard-working people with a passion for communication. Below are the top 5 qualities that make a successful real estate agent in our opinion.

1- Communication Skills

A real estate agent is an intermediary between buyers and sellers. This simply means that the agent has to communicate effectively with both parties and understand their point of view. One should be a good listener to be able to understand what the party in front of him/her is seeking. Whether the real estate agent is communication with a buyer or a seller or their lawyers for that matters, he/she has to be able to communicate effectively! Oh my God, have you tried communicating with a lawyer?! On the other hand, the real estate agent has to be able to convey messages from each party and provide advice. As a real estate agent, you have to listen carefully and to be listened to. Communication is what a real estate agent does from morning till evening. I often say what we need mainly as real estate agent is a clear head and great set of communication skills.

2- Self Motivation

A real estate agent cannot count the number of times a deal was about to happen and was shattered for all sorts of reasons – despite his best ability to try to save it. On weekly and maybe daily basis, you will face failures with some of your prospects or offers. It is very tough to see a deal falling apart or a prospect closing a deal elsewhere when you know you had the better deal for him or her. This is why self-motivation is so essential in this job. You cannot dwell long on each failure. You have to stand-up again and move to the next prospect, the next potential deal. Self-motivation is an indispensable quality of a real estate agent.

3- Energy & Activity

Being real estate agent is a tough job. It entails a lot of farming, scheduling meetings with the sellers, followed by property visits. You have to walk the seller then into the legal agreement to be signed with your company to be able to list the property and start marketing it. Answering the phone with the potential buyers, booking showings, handling objections until you reach an offer. And this is where the journey of negotiation of price and terms starts until you reach the closing day. It is a long and difficult process. Real estate agents should be prepared that this job needs a lot of activity and energy. If you are a laid-back person more suited for a desk job, this is not your field then. To be a successful real estate agent, you need to be energetic and enthusiastic day after day. But hey! Energy pays off and money is this job is great.

4- Negotiation Skills

A real estate agent job is really about matching a buyer with a seller. They have to meet of course at the right price and conditions. The buyer should be willing to pay the amount of money for the property that the seller is willing to sell at and in the conditions accepted by both. This is where negotiation skills come very handy for real estate agents. As a Real Estate agent, you have to be able to close the gap between buyers and sellers and understand the real motivation of both. With time and experience, you will learn how to be creative in finding solution after solution to bring the deal to a closure. You should remain impartial as an agent to both sides and as such you will be able to negotiate both parties into reaching the correct middle ground.

5- Ethics, Honesty & Integrity

As a real estate agent, you are here for the long-term. As a matter of fact, the longer you have been on the market, the bigger deals you will handle and the more clients you will service. Ethics, honesty and integrity are an essential requirement to ensure your long-term career is intact. This field entails huge money and hence it is important that real estate agents never get blurred by short-term gains at the expense of integrity as they will be hurting their career in the long-term. I would personally say that this is one of the most important qualities of a real estate agent.

Bottom Line

There is a lot of money in Real Estate. Being a real estate agent with the right company will ensure a great career for you. You see yourself as someone with the above qualities, send us your cv to hr@jskre.com

The above qualities are all we are looking for when recruiting new agents. The rest we can teach you.

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