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1st May 2019
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Living on a mountain in a nerve-soothing and peaceful space is your every Lebanese dream.

Mountain life can offer you a great escape from the hustle bustle of city life and everyday stress. Having a homey chalet on a naturally preserved mountain top can achieve your dream getaway and revive your connection with nature.

Recent studies have shown that living at high altitudes even lowers your risk of depression, heart disease, and asthma, as it helps reduce weight and increase life expectancy.

Why choose a chalet in Laklouk when you can live anyplace else?

Located 63 kilometers (39 miles) northwest of Beirut, Laklouk is considered both a summer and winter retreat. Its distinctive setting is not only influenced by its spectacular landscape but also its abundant greenery. It is less crowded with fewer infrastructures than other areas in the mountain region.

Situated 2,000 meters above sea level, Laklouk is one of the best ski destinations in close proximity to the Jbeil District, and is only 25 minutes away from it by car.

To make travelling easier and safer, two highways connecting to the Laklouk region have been newly constructed:

  • The first highway leads to St. Charbel’s Monastery in Annaya from Jbeil, then to Laklouk through the village of Ehmej.
  • The second highway leads to Laklouk through Qartaba from Nahr Ibrahim.
Laklouk is mostly visited by families all year round for the enjoyment of various outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and camping. However, its lack of ski resorts and mountain communities has failed to provide its visitors with a complete mountain experience up until Le Sommet was established on a mountain top in Matkoube, Mazraat El Saiyad.

We understand that deciding on a mountain chalet is about more than meeting your accommodation needs. It is about finding your home away from home–a lavish, modern place to host and welcome family and friends.

At Le Sommet, you can experience a unique lifestyle tailored to suit your needs at your budget. Here are seven reasons why Le Sommet is the right destination for a memorable and self-pampered holiday!

1. An Eco-Friendly Community with Panoramic Mountain Views

According to the latest European studies conducted in the Middle East, Matkoube village is reported to have the best air quality in the MEA region. It is pollution free and 100% organic. Its clear and unpolluted atmosphere ranks Matkoube as the iconic spot for astrophotography. Photographers are frequently on site aiming at the stars.

Our community has built chalets of different sizes and specifications on the mountain’s slopes, each with a stunning window view of Laklouk. It is conveniently located within 300 meters (approx 980 feet) of Laklouk’s ski slopes.

Our main goal at Le Sommet is to help preserve nature by developing and encouraging an Eco-friendly community. We therefore commit ourselves to the following steps in hope of turning them into our lifestyle:

  • Maintain the greenery
With the intention of preserving the natural greenery of the location, we chose the build our community on rocky slopes to ensure environmental protection. We also set out to plant over a hundred trees surrounding the community.

Only 15% of our investment area is accommodation while the remaining 65% is dedicated to developing a greener neighborhood.

Le Sommet is located near an 80,000spm mountain, which inspires our team to expand its afforestation project over the entire mountain area and, on top of that, to plan toward a 10 kilometer long hiking trail from Le Sommet along the mountain’s scope.

  • Conserve water and electricity
A great deal of natural resources is used to produce electricity and conserve fresh water. Energy is used to pump water from fresh water sources into pipes and our homes for direct use.

At Le Sommet, we conserve our water by collecting precipitation (snow/hail/rain) in rain barrel systems to provide our community from. We have also installed energy-efficient lighting to reduce day-to-day energy consumption.

  • Pave internal streets
Since we plan on improving the environment, we have adopted methods to help decrease the risk of soil erosion and the contamination of groundwater or watershed pollution.

In addition to benefiting the natural environment, the primary goal of this project is tourist attraction, as 50% of the project’s investments are set to achieve it. Tourists may rent chalets and enjoy amenities that include restaurants, hotels, spas, pools, and outdoor activities organized by the community club.

2. Payment Options

Have you found your dream chalet at Le Sommet? Concerned about paying for it?

Our team has a reassuring solution for you.
Once you decide on the right place for you, you may start your eight year, interest free payment plan with our agency. You may also move in to your new residence while paying installments.

3. Investment Value

Buying a chalet in Le Sommet is nothing short of investing in a dream property. We can assure you that the Le Sommet property value will not depreciate over the course of time due to its popular tourist location.

Today, the value of a Le Sommet property is $1,800 per square meter. Prices are expected to exceed $2,000 per square meter over the next three years.

Owning property at Le Sommet is a long-term investment with high profit, whether it is inhabited or showcased for rent or sale.

4. Our Chalets are Almost Sold Out

Since its initiation in 2018, Le Sommet Laklouk has earned its reputation. We feel proud to share that 50% of the project has been sold and only a few chalets remain for sale. We do not want you to miss the opportunity of joining our community and assure you that we will offer you a best offer for your dream chalet.

5. Work in Progress

The Le Sommet Laklouk project is running on schedule. The first phase of its initiation, which consists of 80 chalets, is already sold out and will be delivered in 2022 according to plan. The second phase will be initiated in the coming year and will be concluded after three years. The third and final phase, which consists of 80 rental chalets, will be launched in 2022 and delivered in 2024.

The project is expected to announce its completion in 2024.

6. Community Life

Buying or renting a Le Sommet property embraces your chance for a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle.

Not only does it suit all ages and family types, it also covers a variety of interests ranging from fun outdoor activities to night-life entertainments. Le Sommet features two swimming pools, a hotel, a 700 square meter public garden which includes a playground, a gym, conference rooms, shops, and restaurants–all with a spectacular view of the countryside.

7. High Level of Expertise

Le Sommet Laklouk is supervised by Jade Zoghaib, the managing director of Le Sommet Laklouk project and the founding partner of JSK, the leading real estate agency in Lebanon.

Zoghaib earned his Master’s degree in Real Estate Management from ESSEC Business School in France and his Master’s degree in Management and Finance from SKEMA.

He worked at KPMG in Paris for six years and at Bearing-point for one. In 2007, he took part in real estate investments between Australia and the GCC countries. He has been awarded the globally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and after 20 years of experience in national and international real estate, he founded JSK Real Estate in the year 2010.

Zoghaib moved back to Lebanon in 2011 and worked as a real estate transactions & property management consultant for three years.

He was elected a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), which is considered as the world’s leading body of qualification and standard on the subjects of land, property, and construction.

“Our mission at Le Sommet is to rejuvenate your minds and seek out the carefree spirit we all manage to suppress, as workers and learners, with the hectic versions of our lives. We look forward to doing so at the pace of every individual joining our communal support. We appreciate differences and celebrate them! Our team will continue to invest their efforts to fulfill your expectations and guarantee that you have a marvelous and even life-altering experience here at Le Sommet Laklouk.”

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