JSK Yearly Snowshoeing Trip to Laklouk

1st March 2023
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JSK Real Estate welcomed the beautiful month of March with a snowshoeing trip to the beautiful area of Laqlouq. With a total of 4 hours of pure walking on a total of 4 km snow trail, we were able to reach one of JSK's proud projects, Le Sommet, which were developed by our CEO Jade Zoghaib. Even though the way up was hectic, all our tiredness was gone once we arrived and witnessed the amazing view that lies in front of the villas. After our walk in the snow, we enjoyed a warm and well-deserved lunch at our CEO's home in Amchit

(FUN FACT: this house was the 1st headquarters of JSK Real Estate where it all started!)

As a first timer, this trip made me realize that the road to the top is never easy to reach and looking up does not help you reach any faster. The only way to make it is to look at each step of the way, enjoy the view from where you are right now, relax whenever you need, and keep on pushing harder until you arrive. But most importantly, choose who you walk with because they will push you harder to either reach or leave! At JSK Real Estate we stand by our motto for this year, Together We Can and We Will!

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