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Exploring the Charms of Armenia and Georgia: An Unforgettable Incentive Trip - 2024

Incentive trips are more than just a reward for hard work; they are transformative experiences that leave lasting impressions. Among the countless destinations that offer unique experiences, Armenia and Georgia stand out as hidden gems waiting to be explored. This year’s incentive trip was a 7-day trip between Armenia and Georgia, coinciding with our GM Mrs. Samar Ha...

April Team Meeting - 2024

April Team Meeting held at CEO Jade Zoghaib's residence in Aamchit, where he discussed the new strategies for the company.The meeting was followed by a lunch with good food, drinks, and lots of fun. Team bonding and building are essential at JSK.

Iftar Ramadan 2024

JSK family gathered around the Iftar table at "Jnaynit El Khaweja - Achrafieh" on Thursday 4 April 2024 where stories are shared and laughter is doubled. Mr. Jade Zoghaib – CEO – & Mrs. Samar Hassan – GM never spare an occasion to invite and gather the team. Wishing everyone joy, health, and wealth.

JSK Year-End Gathering

On the special day of 29.2.2024, JSK team gathered at Smallville Hotel for our gala gathering to celebrate the success of 2023. Our year-end gathering marked the promotion of 3 of our dedicated agents. We celebrated as well the 2 prestigious awards: “Admin of the year” - Won by Soha, our amazing call center lady.“Agent of the year” - Won by Zeina, o...

JSK Yearly Snowshoeing Trip to Laklouk

The snowshoeing day has become a yearly tradition to mark for JSK Real Estate.On 7 February 2024, the day started with a gathering in Aamchit at CEO. Jade Zoghaib's residence, for a morning coffee.Then heading directly to Laklouk, and not like other years, this year JSK tried a new snow trail accompanied by Guide Samira from LMT (Lebanon Mountain Trail).JSK likes always to prom...

Last Team Meeting of 2023

December 19, was the last team meeting of 2023. The meeting took place at CEO Mr. Jade Zoghaib's residence in Amchit. As usual, we never failed to arrive earlier, not to miss the morning coffee and lovely chats with the CEO and GM Mrs. Samar Hassan.CEO Mr. Jade Zoghaib reflected back on 2023 performance and our major achievements. We discussed the high-level strategies of...

Celebrating 20K followers on Instagram

The event took place on September 27th, 2023 in Pine Villas Project – Beit Hebbak, where the employees of JSK & its management gathered to celebrate this success. Mr. Jade Zoghaib, CEO of the company, and as in every gathering, discussed the current situation in Real Estate in Lebanon, and the strategies to get us there. As well as thanking every single employee...

JSK never misses gathering the whole team for a monthly meeting

JSK never misses gathering the whole team for a monthly meeting, because spending a lot of time with challenging and inspiring people will change your life. The team was invited for a full day at CEO Jade Zoghaib's residence in Amchit, where President Jade Zoghaib discussed the current situation in Real Estate in Lebanon, the new vision of the company and the strategies to...

Welcome Summer gathering and Happy Birthday President !

JSK Team met and spent the night drinking, dancing, and singing in an atmosphere of fun and laughter at Bar du Port welcoming summer and celebrating the success of the first half of the year. During the gathering JSK Team celebrated the birthday of President Jade Zoghaib, wishing him many successful years ahead. The celebration went on for hours and hours.Cheers to JSK and its...

Real Estate Day 2023

There’s a lot JSK Real Estate can do in one day or even just one well-planned morning. Team-building hiking trips are an excellent way to improve leadership skills, trust, and communication within the team. All of these skills can be translated into our everyday working environment, as well as help the team achieve the goals of each specific trip.Why hiking is our way to...

JSK Yearly Snowshoeing Trip to Laklouk

JSK Real Estate welcomed the beautiful month of March with a snowshoeing trip to the beautiful area of Laqlouq. With a total of 4 hours of pure walking on a total of 4 km snow trail, we were able to reach one of JSK's proud projects, Le Sommet, which were developed by our CEO Jade Zoghaib. Even though the way up was hectic, all our tiredness was gone once we arrived and witness...

JSK Real Estate: Year-End Celebration 2022

And with that the 2022 business year has come to an end at our JSK Headquarters.With 2023 starting off strong, our theme represents the heart and core of our company- Teamwork. The team gathered together in our Sama Beirut HQ office to congratulate the hard work of every single member of our family and celebrate the 13th anniversary of JSK Real Estate. Thus, we certainly have...

JSK Christmas Gathering 2022

On Thursday, December 23th, 2022, the whole team gathered in Sama Beirut headquarters and celebrated Christmas.The Christmas tree has been set up in the office for those who come in, and the smell of wine is floating in the air. More than ever before, JSK Agents and admins needed this event to bring their people together and heighten their spirits, despite a fast-changing and c...

JSK training day - The Nine Belbin Team Roles

On Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 JSK team had a full training day in Sama Beirut headquarters. President Jade Zoghaib held the training and he explained to the team what are the nine Belbin team roles.What is Belbin training?Dr Meredith Belbin's model for building successful teams – including leadership teams – is the result of years of research into the importance o...

JSK Incentive Trip to Fethiye 2022

This year JSK headed to Fethiye for a 5-day trip and indulged in the blue waters of the Mediterranean coast. Best time to go, the sun was out and the team got their swimsuits on and enjoyed the clear sea.Celebrations were on as it was our CEO’s birthday.The team visited Ölüdeniz, a resort village known for its blue lagoon overlooking the village is Babada─č mount...