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JSK is the #1 leading real estate agency in Lebanon.

Our mission is to serve Lebanese people living inside & outside Lebanon to find their real estate solutions in Lebanon.


JSK has a wide range of services varying from Brokerage to Asset Management.

At the core of our business is Real Estate Brokerage. This department is responsible for overseeing real estate transactions between buyers and sellers. Our duties include matching the request of buyers with the listings of sellers, negotiating sale prices up to deal closure. 

Our Sales & Marketing department handles exclusive real estate projects. We partner with developers from the early stages of concept-defining their real estate project, marketing it to the right clientele up until the sale deals are closed.

The Valuation & Appraisal department provides official valuation reports or appraisal estimates of all types of real estate properties.

We offer Property Management services to our elite clients to help co-owners efficiently manage their operating expenses and maintain/enhance the value of their property.

Last but not least, the core of our Asset Management strategy lies in understanding investors' specific needs & appetites in terms of risk & return to build a tailored policy statement.

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